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Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients’ before and after photos the next time you visit our practice.


This lady’s desire was to close the spaces between her teeth, and make them look nicer. Many choices exist for this, and we selected porcelain veneers, to achieve the goal conservatively. After the design and her approval, the teeth were gently shaped and the porcelain attached on a subsequent appointment.


This beautiful young woman was missing several teeth, and had both facial and dental asymmetry. Our treatment plan included moving teeth into the best positions possible using orthodontics, followed by implant placement in the front missing tooth location, and restoring the upper front teeth with a combination of two bonded teeth, five porcelain veneers, and one porcelain crown on the implant.


This wonderful gentleman had been in our practice for a number of years, and one day decided he no longer liked the way the front teeth appeared. We both appreciate keeping things conservative when possible, so we treated three of the front teeth, two with porcelain crowns, and one with a porcelain veneer.


This is perhaps one of the most dramatic results, particularly considering that only a single tooth was restored. Again, orthodontics was performed to position the teeth most appropriately. This allowed a very conservative, one-tooth restoration approach, which made a dramatic impact on this woman’s smile. The old crown was first reshaped and the teeth repositioned, followed by take-home whitening and a single porcelain crown.


This wonderful woman knew her teeth were no longer attractive and becoming sensitive as well. Tooth structure had worn away as a combination of diet and necessary brushing. She chose to pursue minor orthodontics first, then we improved her bite with the addition of material, followed by porcelain crowns on all the upper teeth, as well as the lower back teeth.


Dentistry’s best results are frequently achieved when we work in coordination with a specialist such as an orthodontist. Since his lateral incisors were “peg shaped,” our goal with this patient was to create more typical, full-size teeth during orthodontic treatment, then continue to move the teeth to the ideal position, once the size was achieved. During orthodontic treatment, I removed the wire and recreated the desired size and proportion of the “lateral incisors.” After orthodontic treatment was complete, he elected to whiten his teeth, after which we upgraded the bonding to the new shade.


Another new person to our practice, this young teenager was near the end of her Invisalign® treatment. After the Invisalign buttons were removed, we created “bonding” on her front teeth, to make the sizes and shapes more aesthetically pleasing.


This college student desired to have the spaces closed between his front teeth. A very appropriate, extremely conservative method of “bonding” was done, to help reshape and better align the upper front four teeth.


This man was getting tired of his smile, and had confidence we could do a significant change to improve it for him. The older fillings were heavily stained, and the biting edges were chipping. We felt not all of the front teeth were in need of treatment, and chose to make three porcelain veneers for a dramatic and conservative result.


I have taken care of this young professional woman since she was a student at the university. She returned to our office requesting that we be the office that did the appearance change for her. With short displayed teeth, and an excessively visible gum line showing, we had the gum line raised by a periodontist, after which we did a combination of bonding and porcelain veneers to close spaces proportionately.


After we took care of some of her other needs, this wonderful woman one day asked us to “do my teeth.” Her teeth were varying in size and positions, and after first designing the newly proposed smile, we were able to make porcelain veneers for the six upper front teeth.

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